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Tomorrow is Today
Is it tomorrow already?
Is it the day the day,
When everything is laid,
To waste?
You asked me,
Why we looked forward to tomorrow,
When we didn't live today.
"Because tomorrow might be,
The day,
Everything will leave."
When I dream,
I dreamed of being alive,
But now all I can dream,
Of is of you,
And your sweet misery.
Is it tomorrow already?
The darkness is coming,
But I can still see the light.
You asked me,
Why you're here,
When you are alive for tomorrow.
"Because you carried to much,
And everything fell,
You felt dead today."
When I dream,
I dreamed of being alive,
But now all I can dream,
Of is of you,
And your sweet misery.
Is it tomorrow already?
The darkness is growing,
I can feel the demons,
But I still see the angels.
I chased away the shadows,
That crawled against the floor,
When you asked me,
Why I hate you so.
"Because beautiful things,
Like you, don't grow here,
Tomorrow or today."
When I dream,
I dreamed of being alive,
But now all I can dream,
Of is of you,
And your sw
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The love I am trying to find,
Is just beyond the fine white line,
of love and indifference and hate,
though I savor the bitter taste.
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Lying around a Bleeding Tongue
Alma exhales hate and rage and despair, and something like desperation in to the air as an eye opens painfully on his palm to blast off limbs and hearts, but Alma doesn't care, all he wants is Yu dead, dying, suffocating, bleeding, torn, dead in the ruins.
Above them, the Earl laughs like a demented child and something pulls within the edges of Alma's mind, reminding him that the Earl can make Alma do anything he wants, but still, he let's Alma kill his best friend.
The Noah cluck among themselves, though one doesn't look like a Noah (pale skin and pale hair and a red scar in the shape of a bleeding star), and Alma can feel him in the edges of his mind, that if the boy let himself fall, fall deep down in to the abyss, then surely he could command Alma with the same ease as the Earl himself.
The Earl promises that everything will disappear (that dark, swirling matter within Alma that transforms half-humans in to monsters and makes Alma himself a caged soul), and Alma wants to laugh.
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He dreamed of demons.
He dreamed of pulling hearts out, fingers digging into skin.
He dreamed of angels dying.
They were dressed in black and he was dressed in white.
When she asked him why he said:
"The darkness can shield you from the horrible. The light will blind you."
Ulquiorra thinks that Orihime is like the sun. Bright, with hair like sun rays.
Ulquiorra considers himself the moon. Pale, the surface of the moon, with a gaping, black hole, like a deep never-healing crater.
Orihime looks more like the sun in death. Her hair, the fiery rays themselves, are brighter against blood. Alive, Ulquiorra feels more like the moon than ever.
"Can you cry, Ulquiorra?"
"Why do you think people cry?"
"Because they're sad."
"Then, when people turn into hollows, they will cry forever."
"I love you," Ulquiorra says and amongst the blood and gore, amongst all the hatred and agony, Ulquiorra fools himself by thinking it is true.
75: MI
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Not Even Love
Ulquiorra watched her move down the street, carrying bags of food.
It was late, the clouds gathering overhead spoke of rain, the moon unusually bright.
Ulquiorra thought it was strange, what she'd bought. It didn't seem as if any of it would make a good meal, and she'd bought maybe a bit too much red-bean paste.
He followed her to her apartment, where she took out all of the food and put the bags away for later use. She spread the food out and placed different objects on the stove, turning a dial. She put the food in, humming to herself as she did so.
When she was done, she put the food in a large bowl, covered it with plastic, then put it into the fridge, still humming happily.
Next, she sat at a table, on her knees, and began to write.
It was very quite suddenly.
Ulquiorra realized she had stopped humming.
He followed her as she walks down the dark street, toward a wavering reistu.
She was saying good-bye to that shinigami boy? But why, when he wouldn't be able to hear?
He continue
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Distorted Ripple
She asks you if you've ever been to the ocean.
It's abnormally hot today, your uniform sticking to your skin unpleasantly while the onna takes great relish from the cold tea you've brought today.
You blink in her direction, and tell her that, no, you've never been to an ocean (are maybe you have, but can't recall, though you would never tell her something like that).
She's quiet while she drinks her tea, and then her face cracks in to a smile. She turns and then the smile is suddenly for you (a hollow, an enemy) and says, with excited speed, "Why don't we go to an ocean one day, Ulquiorra?"
Your mind goes blank, though you feel yourself go wide-eyed. Then you look down and close your eyes. "Don't talk about ridiculous things, onna."
Later, when the heat becomes to unbearable, you uncharacteristically throw your clothes on to the floor while the bathtub fills with water.
The water is cool against your skin, so you sit in the tub while your skin begins to prune and the water seems to s
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D E S T R U C T I O N ~ I C E
United States
Favourite genre of music: Emo Rock
Favourite photographer: Bell*z and `zemotion
Favourite style of art: Anime
Personal Quote: Never let yesterday get the best of you.
Only the slightest bit sleepless,
The smell of white sterility,
Cold sweat is the sweets mess,
Little by little,
and wall does break,
Little by little,
the gun begins to rust,
for forget,
and to forgive.
Little by little,
I'm a little less sleepless.


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